Mack Christian Preschool - Preparing children to become tomorrow's leaders
About Us
We believe that God created each child as a special and unique person. Each child can achieve full potential through encouragement and challenge when guided with love and patience.  Stimulation through wealth of new experiences will promote spiritual, emotional, physical, mental, and social development and growth. We welcome any healthy child, three through five years of age.
We believe that every child should have a well balanced early childhood experience in all areas of growth. Therefore, our program includes the following:
~ Bible stories, songs,& prayers                               ~ Physical exercise
~ Music                                                                  ~ Dramatic play
~ Art creativity                                                         ~ Cooking
~ Science & nature                                                  ~ Kindergarten readiness
The above areas are enhanced by field trips and professional guests sharing with children.
Encourage the child's awareness of God.
Increase love and respect for others.
Stimulate curiosity and creativity.
Promote a positive self-image.
Develop a sense of responsibility.
Enable the development of small and large motor skills.
Introduce good health habits.
Offer readiness experiences for the more formal education ahead.
Provide an environment fostering a sense of security and well-being.
Mack Christian Preschool is concerned with your child's overall educational experience. It is our strong desire that each child will go from preschool years into elementary years with a smooth transition. For this reason we provide a pre-kindergarten program during the last year of preschool for four to five year olds.
At this stage of the program, we give more attention to reading readiness, beginning math concepts, and the development of writing skills. This provides the preschooler with a strong foundation for successful kindergarten and the elementary years ahead.